Saturday, April 13, 2013

Prodigal Teapot

I sold this teapot 35 years ago and today it came back to me. The lady who owned it is now in her late eighties and she tracked me down to ask if I wanted it back as she was moving house and thought I might be interested in it. I decided to buy it back to give to my daughter Lisa as she is an avid collector of Aussie pots from the 60's on. Its from 1978 so I think this one qualifies for her collection. Val's daughter in law brought it over from Adelaide earlier in the week and met me in Ballan with her sister on their way up to Creswick this morning. I'm most grateful to Val for contacting me and for going to all the trouble of getting it to me through her family members.

It's a bit of an elabotate affair. It's quite a large teapot so I made it to sit in a saddle so it can be poured without lifting it. It also has a diffuser incert. I only made about 6 of these and this one was possibly the largest of them. It's overall height is 39 cm

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  1. Nice photography to show off your beautiful pieces. It's a bit special when something comes back to us :)