Friday, August 6, 2010

August arts

I showed my powerpoint at Wyndham Cultural Centre on the 5th. I showed mainly pots but also some of my paintings. I'm putting a couple up here. I hope I get a comment or two soon . The first one is called "Collected Thoughts" Its about 500cm x 800cm and is in oils. The others are larger about 1200cm x900cm and are in oils but some of the large areas of colour are handmade oils using ochre, iron oxide, manganese dioxide and chromium oxide. They are oxides I use in ceramics so i blended them with oil painting mediums and ground them in a morter to produce my own earth colours. i hope you like them.I know I get a few hits but no comments at all so I'm loosing interest in the blog a bit. Any sort of feedback would be nice.

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